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Ice Machine lyrics


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     Ice Machine
    >> Depeche Mode
        Running through my head secretly
    The shouts of the boys in the factory
    I ring you on the telephone silently
    Like blood, like the wine in the darkroom scene
    The darkroom scene
    Darkroom scene
    A letter
    Once composed
    Seven years long and as tall as a tree
    On the wall
    Emissions, efficiency
    As a feeling
    On my window
    Of a past reunion
    As a feeling
    On my window
    Of a past reunion
    Of a picture
    Like the city
    And the air we breathe
    The air we breathe
    Air we breathe
    She stood beside me once again
    I knew her face
    We met before in the street
    Recalling all the children dancing at our feet
    The dancing feet, dancing feet
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